K.O’s “No Fear” Free Download Campaign Sabotaged

K.O’s No Fear was dropped on Friday and reached its
download limit on Soundcloud. In order to meet the
demand Cashtime moved the song to datafile host.
Understanding the game is about numbers and how
rare it is for K.O to give out a song for free this was a
good case study for Cashtime to see how well he
does on a free platform. It turns out someone claimed
to own the song to datafile host and asked for it to be
removed. The song was unavailable for a few hours
and when datafile host eventually put it up the
download count was reset. Check out the
conversation with Datafile Host and Cashtime
Manager Thabiso Khati.

Hi There,
Is the a reason why the file linked to http://
http://www.datafilehost.com/d/1dba0c87 has been
I own the master rights to the file and I uploaded it.
Best Regards,
Thabiso Khati

Datafile Host:
Dear Sir or Madam,
The file received a complaint of copyright
infringement against it. We apologize for the
inconveniences created. We can restore the file, if
you want. Please re-upload the file and send us the
download link and we will make sure to reinstate
your old link as soon as possible.
Datafilehost team

Thabiso Khati
Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for your swift response. I have re-uploaded
the file, here is the new link http://
http://www.datafilehost.com/d/8afd851e. I will appreciate it
if you could restore the original link.
Are you able to disclose who sent the copyright
infringement complain?
Best Regards,
Thabiso Khati

Datafile Host:
Dear Sir or Madam,
Your original link is now restored.
We would rather not disclose personal information
regarding the senders of the complaints. However,
we can tell you that we received two complaints
reporting your link. One is an automated service that
regularly send us reports of abusive files and the
other seems to be a private person. The reason why
your link was picked up by the service is unknown to
us at this time.
Regarding your link, it was reinstated with a reset
download counter. If you would like to set it to a
particular number your old link reached, we can do
that for you.
Datafilehost team.

By Siphesihle Shaun Sekoati

Facebook:Siphesihle Shaun Sekoati



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