Sundae Sessions – Tom Ford (Sundae Sessions Duprise)

Sundae Sessions has been producing since high school. He started off as a DJ mixing his class mates favourite tunes together that became popular mash-ups to his peers. He’s never taken a break since. He enjoys listening to the works of local & international house acts. The list is too long to mention but has a lot of faith in producers he’s also worked with; Black, Matt H.o.P, Purple Loopes & Uno.

To bridge the gap between old & new music, genre’s and ultimately listeners personal taste in music. Sundae Sessions is working on #BootlegSessions; a pretty much never-ending EP as he’s always ready to showcase his remixing abilities.

Follow Sundae Sessions on facebook & twitter to stay in tune with his latest tunes.

Download Here

By Siphesihle Shaun Sekoati

Facebook:Siphesihle Shaun Sekoati


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