Rich Boy – Catch Me F.eU Can (Feat Smallz & Veezy)

Artist Bio
Born & raised in Umlazi now famously known as NUZ Rich Boy has dedicated his life to being a musical slacker which he’d refer to as, “Uskhotheni womculo.”
And he has loved music since he could remember.

Track Bio
This is a single off his up coming release SNLV which is actually a self-titled project i.e maSaNde ndLoVu; which his nguni name.

This single features Smallz Made from Escombe (RB’s hood) & Veezy from Seaview (a few hoods away from RB’s hood).
Its titled “Catch Me F.eU Can”
And is about a Zulu nursery rhyme that told a story about a certain creature being spotted & summoning dogs to chase it down only for it to escape from the canines…. Let me not spoil it and elaborate on the play on word that you’ve probably already started assuming and let you listen to it…

Download Here

“Bamban nay’ inswemp’ imashile!”

Social Media Contacts
Twitter: @masandendlovu
Call Me Rich Boy (facebook page)

Posted By Siphesihle Shaun Sekoati

Facebook:Siphesihle Shaun Sekoati


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